Ted Talk

Ted Talk

Social Media in Sports

  • Intro
    • What is social media used for
      • keeping in touch
      • learning information
      • general ridiculousness
    • The growth of social media
      • has grown from something we occasionally check to catch up with old friends to something that is checked daily, almost more than even hourly by most who use it
  • Point One: Social Media is Permanent
    • Once something is out on the internet it will never go away.
    • If you post something there is a record of it, and it will come back to bite you
      • for example: old Facebook posts that your friends resurrect to embarrass you
      • free access for others, show mugshots of Ashley, and other guys
    • Snapchat possibly an exception but we don’t know for sure
  • Point Two: Social Media can be a useful tool
    • Companies promoting their products efficiently to better markets
      • by marketing to specific age groups and types of people by advertising on selected sites that their customers or potential customers would be likely to see
    • Athletes can make money off of social media promotion as well
      • slide of how much money top athletes get paid per tweet
  • Point Three: Social Media Can Be Dangerous
    • Recent example Kurt Schilling
      • anything you say can and will be used against you
      • Kurt Schilling was fired for something that he posted on a personal social media account
    • This is not to say that he is the only one with various other sex scandals and examples that have come to light through social media
      • Ms.”Bum bum” and Lionel Messi on Instagram
  • Conclusion
    • Social media is a great tool. But tools can also be dangerous when used the wrong way
    • Social media is still relatively new to us and we are quickly finding out the limitations and rules to social media
    • Just as a rule, don’t share anything that you wouldn’t want your parents seeing.

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